Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve TopFive! Video (we are even kickin' a tux)

Here she is, the last TopFive! of 2008. All the stops are pulled as we recap last week on Natuba with fireworks and Auld Lang Syne!

Natubatons Featured


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday TopFive!

Christmas is here!!! Listen to the Natuba Christmas Song. Happy Holidays and all that, now watch this video!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Natuba!!!

One year ago . . .

Natuba was (launched) born!!! Check out these pictures of that night:

Celebrating the launch of the new Natuba

After launching the new site we stopped by Jake's for dinner before heading to Downing Street for cigars and spirits. Woot!

In the news...

And some of the memorable moments:

new babies,

GiLbert!!! 8pounds 9 oz

Born 2:12 pm

Jacob 8 weeks

Jillyan Lorrain Croy 7lbs & 20 inches

First dr. visit with daughter. Reality of being "grandma" setting in.

new iphone,

First In Line

Maybe I'll just come back in the morning :P

my new scooter (OK this one is just for me),

Thanks everyone for a great year!!!

Look for the Christmas TopFive this weekend!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Global Warming Strikes -- It's Snowing in Houston.

***fact junkies, make sure to check out the end of this blog post***

Look out Al Gore, it's Snowing in Houston. Tuesday we are walking around in sandals and shorts. Wednesday morning, we pulled out the dusty coat. The temperature dropped 45 degrees in 12 hours with winds gusting to 35mph!

Crazy Weather

And then . . . it snowed. Now I know most Americans shrug at the sight of snow, it's a yearly occurrence. Here in Houston, at Natuba Central, when snow falls it is as if a miracle has occurred. When it snows for six hours, as it did on Tuesday, mouths drop and minds marvel.

Snow in Houston!

You see kids running in the streets, couples embracing, and the majority of Houstonians donning gear suitable for a race to the North Pole.

You have to take advantage of the situation while it lasts. Houston gets a flurry about once every 4 years, for about 10 minutes. Crafty as they are, Natubatons took full use of the rare element.

Snowball - Houston TX!

Search through the recent photos on Natuba and look for pics from Houston. You will see a lot of exclamation points.

!!By my research it has only snowed on 39 days in the last 113 years in Houston, the largest of which occurred in 1895 with a record 20 inches! Counting those 20 inches there has been less than 50 inches (my math says 44.5) to ever touch the ground in Houston!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Graffiti on Natuba

This video shows some of the pics of Graffiti on Natuba. We do not want you to deface public property. What we do want are pictures in a series.

Por example: you gotta killer recipe for cookies. Take pictures of the steps and put them on Natuba. We will go through the pics and make some live action. That way what you do well can be shared with the World!

Don't confine this to just food, use your imagination!

and now, the graffiti video.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thanksgiving TopFive! Gobble it Up!

Here they are!!!

These pics are some of the best posts to Natuba over the Thanksgiving Day Weekend!

Natubatons Featured:


This video is a no-frills, post Tryptophan version of the popular TopFive! video.

Check back for a new TopFive! next week.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Calling All Turkeys!

We want your Thanksgiving Photos!

Send in all the pics from your Thanksgiving Thursday to Natuba. We will select a few to feature in a Thanksgiving Day TopFive! video!

Photos can be of anything related to Thanksgiving Day!
Look at our other TopFive! videos on YouTube!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

She Said Yes!!!

Another big event for The Natuba Community! Natuba user kryptinite brought his A-Game and it paid off! Congratulations to him and his new wife-to-be!

Here's his photo and captions:

She said yes!!!

This is the engagement ring. Ignore the sock on the floor. I'll take better pictures soon.

Natuba is the place for Photos that Matter™!

What could matter more than the bond of man and wife? A new baby? We got that too!
In all seriousness The Natuba Community is a great bunch of folks who want to see the great things in your life and pat you on the back.


There we just gave you one too.

Friday, November 7, 2008

One week later, the Halloween posts on Natuba are great.

We asked and we received. The activity on natuba was full of fright over the last week as Natubatons posted there Halloween best. Here are a few of The Natuba Team's favorites:

Cereal Monsters Costume Idea

Practicing for Halloween

Happy Halloween from SnapStream!

Gilbert does Halloween

Dr. Zoidberg and Leela!

Natuba always stays Hip on the Holidays. Check back after every calendar event!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Natuba has a New Look. See The Newly Designed Site.

This is a quick one.

If you have not been over to Natuba in the last 48, get there. The site has been redesigned from the home page to the about page.

Make sure to leave us comments on anything and everything, especially the new design.

Until next time . . .

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Get Ready for Halloween on Natuba!

Don’t be scared of missing all the Halloween hoopla, Natuba is here to keep you up-to-date. Already, the Activity board is full of treats. To join in is no trick

Upload the photos that matter to you as they happen. Natuba is geared to mobile; when you post your photo from your mobile device it appears within seconds.

By utilizing this feature, one parent can stay home to feed the scary masses and never miss a minute of their little Tinkerbelle or Captain Hook. Just have the other parent post each dreadfully adorable moment to Natuba.

Make sure to check back on Saturday to see what mattered to others on their Freaky Friday, Halloween 2008.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Natuba for Web - Mobile - iPhone (try all three) **look at the bottom of the page**

Look at Natuba in more than one way . . .

The Natuba Team brings you another feature that will make your life even better. In order to maximize Natuba while your on the go, check out the bottom of the page.

After you type into your browser, scroll to the bottom of the page. Choose either the Web, iPhone or Mobile version of the site; one will be the best fit for you and that is what we want, the best for you.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New Life is Brought to Natuba! A Baby Boy is Born!

A new Natubaton came into this world on Monday.

Less than an hour after his birth, precious little Gilbert made his first appearance. We are so happy for Nailbiter2 and her fiance Gil.

Over the last few months Natuba user Nailbiter2 has let us into her world. A time line of the events leading to Gilbert's birth can be found within Nailbiter2's profile.

This baby, this wonderful little boy, is forever in the hearts of The Natuba Community because of the important moments his mother shared with all of us. Nailbiter2's posting of the photos that matter to her led to a cheering section of Natubatons; just check out the comments.

The Natuba Team invites you to look into the adventure we are so thankful Nailbiter2 shared with us.

Once again, all our best wishes go to Gilbert. May his life be full of the smiles his mother so frequently wears.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Has Natuba got the Widget for You.

Check this out:

What you are looking at is the newly released Natuba Widget! The Widget embeds into your blog or website template to provide you and yours with your happenings on Natuba.

You can place your own Widget by following four easy steps:

(1) After logging into Natuba, select "Widgets" at the top of your screen.

You will move to Widget Configuration. Choose your background color by selecting the box and then selecting your preferred color. Do the same for your preference of text color.

The preview box to the right serves as a reflection of your choices. When the box looks good, click the "Get Your Code" tab.

(3) Copy and Paste the highlighted code into your template. Depending on the destination platform, you will need to use either HTML or Flash. Try HTML first, if no Widget appears, try Flash. (Since I am writing this on, I found I need to use Flash)

That's all there is to it. From now on, your six most recent Natuba posts will display within your customized Natuba Widget! When you select a picture from within the widget, you are guided to that pics specific Natuba page -- cool.

Yet another way The Natuba Team makes your world online even brighter!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

>>>>> Zoom! >>>>> Natuba Just got Faster! >>>>>>>

Look Out!!! Natuba is coming right at you!!!

Natuba is now close to 16 x faster than we were two weeks ago.

So many new Natubatons posting so many more photos has forced The Natuba Team to relocate Natuba Central to ServerBeach’s top-of-the-line hardware.

The new servers are optimized for posting and viewing of photos. You will notice the time from upload to post reduce more and more as we finalize our move to this great new hosting company.

We love Natuba. We work hard to keep this ship not only sailing, but winning the real-time, online regatta.


Yeah I know there is only one ship in this picture -- I know regattas have lots of ships.

Our new servers are the giant sails necessary to grow even more. You see, we are so fast now that the regatta was canceled and everyone went home . . . that's why there is only ship, cause it's the winner.

So hold on tight and I will meet you at the finish line . . .

(on their way they took a picture and posted it to Activity)

Monday, September 29, 2008

Natuba: The App is Coming! The App is Coming! (or the man has been keeping us down, but now he is lifting up our hopes, sorta)

Many of you are asking . . . Where is The Natuba iPhone App?

Our Answer Follows:

To the Avail and Excitement of the world, the Natuba App is on the horizon; the forecast is indeed soon. The development portion of the application, the actual creation of the app, is complete and has been for sometime. We are in a holding pattern waiting for the tower (iPhone Dev Center) to give the green light necessary for take-off.

Before we go into the bumps on the runway, just look at how menacing Steve Jobs looks:

Scary. Sophisticated. Selective.

Apple (who we love) does not make the process for submission easy. While they have every right to be particular about their properties and the quality of applications bearing their mark, there is much to be desired when you go through the Application Submission Process -- as The Natuba Team is inches from completing.

Michael Ash, a Mac Programmer says:

"even a perfectly normal experience with the iPhone developer program is intensely weird. Compared to the simplicity of developing and distributing a Mac app, Apple's iPhone program is extremely convoluted and strange." (Ash goes on to describe his twenty-two parts to Application Submission. We could not have said it better ourselves, and so we won't. Be sure to check out Ash's blog.)

Couple this intensely weird submission process with Apple's requirement for an (extremely) overly restrictive Non Disclosure Agreement and you have more headaches than trying to change your clock time in Vista (YES! Microsoft, I Am Sure!).

The NDA forbids application developers from discussing any information amongst themselves. Sure, you have to protect your code and all that, but limiting the conversations of two parties engaged in the same endeavor, to develop applications, is kinda nuts. You speak a technically descriptive word of your development fumbles with any other developer and you will be sued by Apple. Also, you will be sued in California and with California laws, no matter where your suit arises from.

Macworld further describes the insanity:

"Look, not communicating with developers is A Bad Thing. Not letting developers communicate with each other is A Very Bad Thing . . . Apple hasn't even provided a way for developers to talk to each other. No web forums, no mailing lists, nothing. In fact, with the NDA Apple's gone in the other direction entirely, prohibiting discussion of iPhone development, even among people who are all bound by the NDA. "

Everyone here at Natuba loves Apple's innovative offerings, we buy them and use them. We also love a community of independent developers who depend on a sharing of ideas in order to lift all boats. It is the independent, late-nights-in-my-garage developer that creates the innovative flint responsible for the flame of new technologies.

Soooooo we got through by developing a cool application all on our lonesome. And boy, oh boy, it makes Natuba terrific on the iPhone.

Plus, The Natuba iPhone App is totally free of charge.

You are going to love The Natuba App. You will soon be able to download it from the App Store. The word soon in the previous sentence is predicated on the idea that Apple will get around to approving The Natuba App within the next two weeks.

This time line is far from specific. The web is full of examples of a slow turn-around between submission and acceptance. Apple gives no indication as to your application progress and so we wait. However, since we are Natubatons, we find something cool while waiting and send it into the string of Activity on Natuba.

We Repeat: The Natuba App is Coming! We submitted a bug-free version to Apple a while back. The Natuba Team has tested it successfully and we are jumping all around in secret excitement. Judging by research into others response time, we are looking at a couple of weeks -- but hopefully even sooner.

When they do give the nod, you will be the first to know.

. . . and now, what people were doing on June 28th, 2007, the day before release of the first iPhone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Get Your Motor Going its the TopFive! 09-25-08

This weeks TopFive! will get you a revved up!

Breeze through this weeks top pics!

Natubatons Featured:

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Natuba Team was rocked by Ike this week, boy are we glad it's over!

Now go into the eye of the storm and view the top posts of the last week!

Natubatons Featured:


Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's a Perfect Day -- TopFive!

I am with Lou and you will be too!

Natubatons Featured:




Friday, September 5, 2008

I Love the 80's -- I love the TopFive!

The weather is in the 80's and so is the TopFive!

Natubatons Featured:


Friday, August 29, 2008

Natuba TopFive! 08-29-08!

Man, this one almost killed me.

First, there was a blizzard and then the heat of summer . . .

But, no matter the hazard, the TopFive! must prevail!!!

Natubatons Featured:


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hitachi Tree - (from Hawaiiseo to Natuba)

About a week ago, Natubaton Hawaiiseo snapped an amazing photo . . .

After all of us at Natuba got over our most recent bout of ongoing jealousy we hold for hawaiiseo's living in Hawaii, interest in what this tree was all about began to well up.

We wanted to know more, what is the deal with this amazing monkeypod?

Here is hawaiiseo's response to the inquiry:

"Thanks! - The tree is famous in Japan because it’s the logo for the Hitachi Corporation. They use it to symbolize the Hitachi “Family tree of companies." They have been featuring images of the tree in TV commercials and all other advertising since the 70's. Here is one of the commercials. BTW – Every little kid in Japan can sing the song. It’s as familiar to them as the Oscar Meyer Wiener song is to us."

This video solidifies that answer:

The tree is one of the highlights of the Moanalua Gardens, a 24 acre privately owned public park in Honolulu, Hawaii. The tree's distinctive umbrella shape comes from being left to grow alone for years. The city government bestowed the title of "exceptional tree" on the monkeypod years ago. This protects the Hitachi Tree from any harm.

In order to hold its claim on the famous tree, Hitachi pays $400K per year for sole image rights in advertising and marketing. The bet paid off for Hitachi. In Japan, the Honolulu monkeypod that hawaiiseo captured on Natuba is recognizable by all. Thousands of tourists flock to the tree each year to snap photos; every child in Japan can sing the song from the video above.

Thank you hawaiiseo for helping us branch out in our knowledge. I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I would have no knowledge of this amazing part of nature without your contribution to Natuba. Keep up the good work.

Check out Natuba and this blog for more info on the world you knew little about, the world of Natuba.

oh and . . . here is the oscar meyer wiener song . . .

Friday, August 22, 2008

Crikey! The Natuba TopFive! for 08-22-08

An Australian in the Congo? That is what it seems as we look into the past week on the Natuba TopFive!

johne Talking Underwear
guidedmouse Coming out of his shell
lindex Beijing at night
dpringle Fahrenheit

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Get Down with the TopFive!

We are shaking our money maker this week!

DJ Guy spins through your top posts of the last seven days!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Chomsky the Gnome: The Telegraph Has Nothing on Him.

The Daily Telegraph covered a story this morning which uncovered the mystery of the traveling gnome. Touching story, lots of great adventures, really moving and all that.

We at Natuba want to add to the Gnome Conversation with an introduction to our own Traveling Gnome, Chomsky.

While the Telegraph's Gnome made it to 12 countries, our Gnome, Chomsky, has experienced all that and more. Golf, tortilla soup and gas prices, are but a few of the many topics covered by the learned Chomsky. Why, he is even featured in a TopFive! video!

There is no need for you to search the world for interesting Gnome stories, Chomsky has got your back . . . well, at least two inches of your back.

Thanks capital_i for bringing us all the memories!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Natuba World News! International TopFive! Just in time for Beijing Olympics!

We are globe hoppin'

All the pics in this weeks TopFive! take place overseas.

Get ready for the Olympic Games tomorrow with an international appetizer sure to wet your competitive palate.

Natubatons featured:


Thursday, July 31, 2008

Natuba TopFive! - Get Up Turkey and Work It Out!

This Natuba TopFive! features muscles burning, lions sleeping and Meg Griffen.

Yeah that's right, we got more action than a "Hopkins" episode.

. . . and we do it in less than two minutes!

Natubatons featured:

kcroy Day 31: P90X
rakesh Improving logo detection . . .
shawnp0wers Gifts from my daughters
cdenny21 In Memory of Tiny
pattysanti Lion sleeping at the MGM Hotel!

We will be keeping up with all 90 days of kcroy's quest. Keep checking back here for the details!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tags: Good, Necessary, Fun, Help Others Find Your Photos

Take a look at these two Posts . . .

Something is added in the second post . . . I will give you a hint, it's under the "Rated by" text.

Folks, the second photo is blazin' with Tags. Tags allow your Post to recieve more views; your picture can be found a lot easier with Tags.

Within the Natuba Help Pages you will find a delightful entry about tags. Check it out . . .

I repeat: Tag Your Photos! (and Digg them, and use Reddit, and drink Milk)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Weird Science! Natuba TopFive! Video Blog!

Outta the test tube and onto the web!

Natuba TopFive! looks at the Nevada Desert and the Swiss Alps!

Step into the lab as we poke and prod our favorites of the last week!

Natubatons featured:

lizzie Lorikeet!
jkeveryday Glory
mrsoprano Untitled (Optimus Spidey!)
pressecitron Sweet summer nights
deweys2 More on the way to Vegas

Make sure you check out the blog post from Tuesday the 22nd.

We proudly introduce . . . SafeMode!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive: Natuba Introduces SafeMode!

Natuba is a powerhouse. A site geared to boost the mobile photo-sharing experience is a smorgasbord of content. From folks growin' beards to pugs wearing sunglasses, there is something for everyone.

Push the "Surprise Me!" button to jump around the site. Mash the "Activity!" button to see a stream of recent posts and comments. And while you surf the Natuba waves, fear not the occasional shark. Your friendly Natuba Team introduces: SafeMode!

"¿Que?", you say. What is this new mode before me, this SafeMode?

Several Natubatons expressed interest in a content filter so they could share Natuba at their work and with their grandmother. The Natuba Team put our fingers to the keystrokes and created a system by which Natubatons could choose their level of comfort. That's right. You can now choose which content is safe for work and safe for grandma.

All Photos on Natuba contain a link to report the photo as inapproriate. The Natuba Team decides whether it should go into the general population of posts (SafeMode) or should be for mature eyes only (SafeMode off). Some photos are removed entirely, but we wont go into that (use your imagination . . . ok, enough, you're making me blush!).

SafeMode is enabled by default. This way a new user, or someone looking at a pic over your shoulder, can rest assured their first experience with will not make them blush also (be warned . . . you will still laugh and say "totally cool" several times).

If nothing is shocking to you, take SafeMode off.
If your temperament is more mild, leave it on.

The choice is yours and is found on the top of all pages within


Friday, July 18, 2008

Hang Ten with the TopFive! -- Surf Up Your Weekend!

Another week another massive wave to ride!

Grab your woody as we surf through this weeks Top Posts on

Natubatons featured:

hyperlite06 Wakesurfing in Cannes (FR) - 5
marty9 Rhinocéros
ian pool party at matt and heather's
mactivist Hanging out with all the kids at my party...
corywright Google!

Natuba can now be searched in Super SafeMode! -- Details on Monday (after I play with the thing!)

Until then . . . Natubatons, keep Posting!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

From the Cliffs of Moore -- Natuba TopFive!

Whew! Seems like this week is really flying by!

This is the solo post for the semana.
We will make it a great one with the Natuba TopFive!

Your Host, McGuy takes ya to the Cliffs of Moore with this weeks top Posts!

As always, Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!

Natubatons Featured:

zacsmimi flowergirl taking a rest…
jonnyquest Beard project day 12
mommawolf Relaxing Pig
JoeChen Elvis's daughter

Thursday, July 3, 2008

TopFive! Video -- Happy 4th of July from Natuba

It's the Fourth of July!

Before ya blow something up, check out the new TopFive! video.

The Natuba Community will set fireworks-a-blazin' through your soul!

Natubatons Featured:

pinecones I remember the days
eka No getting away
dmbftp I got dave's pick!
acvieluf Awesome heart shape
joechen Maddy's meet the teacher day

Have a safe and fun 4th of July from The Natuba Team!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beard and Belly -- Day Seven

On Natuba this last week a lot of things have been growing . . . and a lot of things have been falling off.

Let's start with kcroy.

This guy knows how to get the job done. Over the last week this Natubaton has been stretching, biking and lifting his way back into shape. The best part is, he is letting Natuba be his accountability partner.

Make sure you go to kcroy's profile page. See what level of workout he is up to today.

Remember to send him a shout out of encouragement . . .
just wait till he is done with his nap.

Here is an even better idea:

Start that workout you have always meant to start. Let the Natuba Community know.

Now back to the face where it all began.
It all started with jonnyquest. He wanted to shave his beard off. He is an American, he can do whatever he wants.

He is also a Natubaton, so he decided to let us all watch it grow back.

Mind you were not talking about moving mountains. jonny quest did not find the cure for whatever or save a buss full of whoevers.

But he is sharing his freaking life and that is alright with me.

jonnyquest started an idea that will take off in ways a beard never could.

So come on Natuba . . . attack a project for a number of days, weeks or months and let Natuba know.

Natuba may be the road to six-pack abs as well as six-o-clock shadow.

Friday, June 27, 2008

TopFive! Video – MasterPosts Theatre

Once again the week has come to an end.

Natuba Central celebrates with our newest TopFive! video.

Natubatons Featured:

capital_i Chomsky in cheeseland.
mactivist Tofu steak w/ mushroom and special sauce
mosaic Do you think they know?
timeo Les 2 ans
doug000 Celtics 17

Check back next Thursday for the newest installment.

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

Early next week we check in on the progress of jonnyquest and kcroy . . . you must find out what’s happening!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He's Taking it All Off . . .

. . . and then growing it back again.

First, BigDaddyP chronicled the beauty of a Cornea Replacement.

Now, Natubaton JonnyQuest is charting his own brand of facial changes. Starting today, Jonny is keeping Natuba up to date on the growth of his new beard.

As I write this, I question the social import of such an offering. Seriously, when I started off to write this blog I felt the whole growing a beard thing and the taking a picture to share it thing were both two very important things. This may stem from my own inability to grow facial hair, it may stem from my authorship of this blog. Regardless, I must now analyze why it is important to watch someone sprout hair from their face.

Sharing. Natuba is about sharing and how the world reacts to what you share. When you post to Natuba you are not doing so to simply store a picture in a library. When you post to Natuba you are offering up a piece of your life for the review of the Natuba Community.

How many people care about what you care about? What do others say in reaction? If you want to know the true value of something, you have to give it away. Make your next post to Natuba more than a safe picture of your dog lapping water from a dog bowl, chop off your facial hair.

JonnyQuest is doing just that . . . and you can bet I will be there when he grows it back.

Day one beard project

Friday, June 20, 2008

Video: Natuba Top Five!

You are browsing through the friendly Natuba skies; photos catch your eye, the peanuts are tasty. What you want is the quick flight, the birds-eye-view of the best of Natuba.

The wait is over. Now, every week look to your blog for a video covering the Top Five! pics on Natuba as decided by me, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

Check out this video. Check out the links to the photos. Check your bags if they will not fit in the overhead bin.

Thank you.

Natubatons prepare for take off.

Links to Pictures:
mystemornings beer
billerickson Lost lolcat
hawaiiseo Lego Pencil
bigdaddyp New eye day 6
bharned3 Fathers day fish

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day on Natuba

Well, it was a hit. Father's Day once again turned the adoring eyes of all America's spawn to look towards their Dad. Natuba hosted several photos of what Father's Day meant to Natubatons.

iPhone Buddy's Father Day Steak

Man, I would almost impregnate someone for a steak like that. Will the individual who posted this photo, doug000, send us a shout from the cardiac unit of whatever hospital he is staying in tonight? We just wanna make sure he is cool.

Boys @ Hooters on Fathers Day

brunnecc, you are awesome. Your sons have a great dad. Speaking of dad's, I would like to thank the father of the waitress also. Good job, she turned out fine.

Sons first catch

When you first catch a fish it is a pretty cool feeling. To catch that fish on Father's Day with dear-ole-dad is better than cool. That's what Natubaton bharned3 got to experience with his son's first catch this weekend. Click the photo and send him a way-to-go!

Natuba has all the photos for Dad's or any What-Have's you come across in your life. Remember, Natuba is for the photos you need to share.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You Are Natuba . . .

You are Natuba.

Over the last few weeks, The Natuba Team has rolled out features and updates to personalize The Natuba Experience.

The future includes new features, a series of web tutorials and Top Pics videos.
The Natuba Team wants to make sure the world knows who we are here.
The Natuba Team also wants the world to know who you are.

Answer the questions below and submit them to our Comment Page

Here goes:

How did you start using Natuba?

What phone do you use to contact Natuba?

Have you invited any friends? Why or why not?

What is your most interesting story?

Let us know what the deal is . . . and you might make it on to a Natuba user interview. Also, there are prizes . . .


Friday, May 23, 2008

Natuba, You Look Wonderful.

Man, we are looking good on the iPhone.

While the native application is in the works, we are still rolling out improvements to the way Natuba looks on your iPhone.

Comment on photos, check out Activity and search for all you love to love on Natuba.

Even turning the screen over and over again is fun . . .