Friday, April 18, 2008

Can you Digg it? We can Digg it.

Natuba Team back again, check it, direct it, lets begin . . .

You see a photo you dig while surfing the friendly Natuba skies, you want to share your appreciation with the entirety of the internet community, but how?

Well, my dear Natubatons, we have the answer for you . . . Digg it when you click it.

When you find a photo you like a lot, scroll down below the photo and click the Digg tab.

If you have a Digg account, gravy. If you need to set up a Digg account, do so. When you Digg a photo, the internet community has a link into your minds eye.

Digg on Natuba: Amazing, Outstanding, Demanding, Commanding . . .

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