Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Natuba is Activity!

Over the last week, The Natuba Team has crunched away at making the Activity feature even more freaking awesome.

Start with a click of the Activity Tab on every page within Natuba; tune in to what is going down all over the site. Everything from a new account to a new comment is listed in real-time.

Go to your profile page. The Profile Tab lists your six points of contact with the Natuba community. Among these points, click on Activity.

Your personal Activity Tab opens a portal.
This portal moves you through space time.
Click, "By Me," to see how your effect the world of Natuba.
Click, "On Me," to see how the world of Natuba affects you.
Click, "By Friends," for Natuba through their eyes.

Try this freaking-awesome-feature now my fellow Natubatons.
Check back to your friendly Natuba Blog for feature updates!

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