Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Throw Us A Bone!

Greetings Natubatons,

We are jealous of this dog . . .

Carlie's canine, Petunia, reminds the Natuba Team how wonderful it is to sleep.

Shuteye is few and far between within the walls of Natuba Central. While Petunia dreams of the mailman, the Natuba Team continues to crank out enhancements to the site.

Natuba's population is growing (and growing and growing) with new citizens. The explosion of new users brings with it a heap of great ideas.

Got an itch to improve your Natuba experience? Send us your suggestions and we promise to scratch them without a paws (OK, that was bad).

not a member? jesus(!), and baby jesus (!), join natuba as fast as possible . . . now.

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