Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day on Natuba

Well, it was a hit. Father's Day once again turned the adoring eyes of all America's spawn to look towards their Dad. Natuba hosted several photos of what Father's Day meant to Natubatons.

iPhone Buddy's Father Day Steak

Man, I would almost impregnate someone for a steak like that. Will the individual who posted this photo, doug000, send us a shout from the cardiac unit of whatever hospital he is staying in tonight? We just wanna make sure he is cool.

Boys @ Hooters on Fathers Day

brunnecc, you are awesome. Your sons have a great dad. Speaking of dad's, I would like to thank the father of the waitress also. Good job, she turned out fine.

Sons first catch

When you first catch a fish it is a pretty cool feeling. To catch that fish on Father's Day with dear-ole-dad is better than cool. That's what Natubaton bharned3 got to experience with his son's first catch this weekend. Click the photo and send him a way-to-go!

Natuba has all the photos for Dad's or any What-Have's you come across in your life. Remember, Natuba is for the photos you need to share.

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