Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He's Taking it All Off . . .

. . . and then growing it back again.

First, BigDaddyP chronicled the beauty of a Cornea Replacement.

Now, Natubaton JonnyQuest is charting his own brand of facial changes. Starting today, Jonny is keeping Natuba up to date on the growth of his new beard.

As I write this, I question the social import of such an offering. Seriously, when I started off to write this blog I felt the whole growing a beard thing and the taking a picture to share it thing were both two very important things. This may stem from my own inability to grow facial hair, it may stem from my authorship of this blog. Regardless, I must now analyze why it is important to watch someone sprout hair from their face.

Sharing. Natuba is about sharing and how the world reacts to what you share. When you post to Natuba you are not doing so to simply store a picture in a library. When you post to Natuba you are offering up a piece of your life for the review of the Natuba Community.

How many people care about what you care about? What do others say in reaction? If you want to know the true value of something, you have to give it away. Make your next post to Natuba more than a safe picture of your dog lapping water from a dog bowl, chop off your facial hair.

JonnyQuest is doing just that . . . and you can bet I will be there when he grows it back.

Day one beard project


john said...

flippin sweet i got bloged

Guy Schaafs said...

Yep. I will add the next installment in a week. Keep growing your beard.