Friday, June 20, 2008

Video: Natuba Top Five!

You are browsing through the friendly Natuba skies; photos catch your eye, the peanuts are tasty. What you want is the quick flight, the birds-eye-view of the best of Natuba.

The wait is over. Now, every week look to your blog for a video covering the Top Five! pics on Natuba as decided by me, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

Check out this video. Check out the links to the photos. Check your bags if they will not fit in the overhead bin.

Thank you.

Natubatons prepare for take off.

Links to Pictures:
mystemornings beer
billerickson Lost lolcat
hawaiiseo Lego Pencil
bigdaddyp New eye day 6
bharned3 Fathers day fish

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Bill said...

That awesome he is going to love that