Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ask and You Shall Receive: Natuba Introduces SafeMode!

Natuba is a powerhouse. A site geared to boost the mobile photo-sharing experience is a smorgasbord of content. From folks growin' beards to pugs wearing sunglasses, there is something for everyone.

Push the "Surprise Me!" button to jump around the site. Mash the "Activity!" button to see a stream of recent posts and comments. And while you surf the Natuba waves, fear not the occasional shark. Your friendly Natuba Team introduces: SafeMode!

"¿Que?", you say. What is this new mode before me, this SafeMode?

Several Natubatons expressed interest in a content filter so they could share Natuba at their work and with their grandmother. The Natuba Team put our fingers to the keystrokes and created a system by which Natubatons could choose their level of comfort. That's right. You can now choose which content is safe for work and safe for grandma.

All Photos on Natuba contain a link to report the photo as inapproriate. The Natuba Team decides whether it should go into the general population of posts (SafeMode) or should be for mature eyes only (SafeMode off). Some photos are removed entirely, but we wont go into that (use your imagination . . . ok, enough, you're making me blush!).

SafeMode is enabled by default. This way a new user, or someone looking at a pic over your shoulder, can rest assured their first experience with Natuba.com will not make them blush also (be warned . . . you will still laugh and say "totally cool" several times).

If nothing is shocking to you, take SafeMode off.
If your temperament is more mild, leave it on.

The choice is yours and is found on the top of all pages within Natuba.com.


1 comment:

Paul said...

Dude, where's the "Unsafe" mode. I want to see the bad pics!!