Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beard and Belly -- Day Seven

On Natuba this last week a lot of things have been growing . . . and a lot of things have been falling off.

Let's start with kcroy.

This guy knows how to get the job done. Over the last week this Natubaton has been stretching, biking and lifting his way back into shape. The best part is, he is letting Natuba be his accountability partner.

Make sure you go to kcroy's profile page. See what level of workout he is up to today.

Remember to send him a shout out of encouragement . . .
just wait till he is done with his nap.

Here is an even better idea:

Start that workout you have always meant to start. Let the Natuba Community know.

Now back to the face where it all began.
It all started with jonnyquest. He wanted to shave his beard off. He is an American, he can do whatever he wants.

He is also a Natubaton, so he decided to let us all watch it grow back.

Mind you were not talking about moving mountains. jonny quest did not find the cure for whatever or save a buss full of whoevers.

But he is sharing his freaking life and that is alright with me.

jonnyquest started an idea that will take off in ways a beard never could.

So come on Natuba . . . attack a project for a number of days, weeks or months and let Natuba know.

Natuba may be the road to six-pack abs as well as six-o-clock shadow.

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