Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Hitachi Tree - (from Hawaiiseo to Natuba)

About a week ago, Natubaton Hawaiiseo snapped an amazing photo . . .

After all of us at Natuba got over our most recent bout of ongoing jealousy we hold for hawaiiseo's living in Hawaii, interest in what this tree was all about began to well up.

We wanted to know more, what is the deal with this amazing monkeypod?

Here is hawaiiseo's response to the inquiry:

"Thanks! - The tree is famous in Japan because it’s the logo for the Hitachi Corporation. They use it to symbolize the Hitachi “Family tree of companies." They have been featuring images of the tree in TV commercials and all other advertising since the 70's. Here is one of the commercials. BTW – Every little kid in Japan can sing the song. It’s as familiar to them as the Oscar Meyer Wiener song is to us."

This video solidifies that answer:

The tree is one of the highlights of the Moanalua Gardens, a 24 acre privately owned public park in Honolulu, Hawaii. The tree's distinctive umbrella shape comes from being left to grow alone for years. The city government bestowed the title of "exceptional tree" on the monkeypod years ago. This protects the Hitachi Tree from any harm.

In order to hold its claim on the famous tree, Hitachi pays $400K per year for sole image rights in advertising and marketing. The bet paid off for Hitachi. In Japan, the Honolulu monkeypod that hawaiiseo captured on Natuba is recognizable by all. Thousands of tourists flock to the tree each year to snap photos; every child in Japan can sing the song from the video above.

Thank you hawaiiseo for helping us branch out in our knowledge. I am sure that I am not alone in saying that I would have no knowledge of this amazing part of nature without your contribution to Natuba. Keep up the good work.

Check out Natuba and this blog for more info on the world you knew little about, the world of Natuba.

oh and . . . here is the oscar meyer wiener song . . .

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Hawaii SEO said...

Wow! - Thanks Guy!

This is a picture of my boy under the tree. http://www.natuba.com/photo/2JAd7W/

The tree is so big that you could easily build a about 4 or 5, Single Family houses under it.