Saturday, October 18, 2008

A New Life is Brought to Natuba! A Baby Boy is Born!

A new Natubaton came into this world on Monday.

Less than an hour after his birth, precious little Gilbert made his first appearance. We are so happy for Nailbiter2 and her fiance Gil.

Over the last few months Natuba user Nailbiter2 has let us into her world. A time line of the events leading to Gilbert's birth can be found within Nailbiter2's profile.

This baby, this wonderful little boy, is forever in the hearts of The Natuba Community because of the important moments his mother shared with all of us. Nailbiter2's posting of the photos that matter to her led to a cheering section of Natubatons; just check out the comments.

The Natuba Team invites you to look into the adventure we are so thankful Nailbiter2 shared with us.

Once again, all our best wishes go to Gilbert. May his life be full of the smiles his mother so frequently wears.

1 comment:

nailbiter2 said...

Omg! This is wonderful! I am like crying... Woot there goes the hormones. ( evening out, I swear)