Wednesday, October 1, 2008

>>>>> Zoom! >>>>> Natuba Just got Faster! >>>>>>>

Look Out!!! Natuba is coming right at you!!!

Natuba is now close to 16 x faster than we were two weeks ago.

So many new Natubatons posting so many more photos has forced The Natuba Team to relocate Natuba Central to ServerBeach’s top-of-the-line hardware.

The new servers are optimized for posting and viewing of photos. You will notice the time from upload to post reduce more and more as we finalize our move to this great new hosting company.

We love Natuba. We work hard to keep this ship not only sailing, but winning the real-time, online regatta.


Yeah I know there is only one ship in this picture -- I know regattas have lots of ships.

Our new servers are the giant sails necessary to grow even more. You see, we are so fast now that the regatta was canceled and everyone went home . . . that's why there is only ship, cause it's the winner.

So hold on tight and I will meet you at the finish line . . .

(on their way they took a picture and posted it to Activity)


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