Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve TopFive! Video (we are even kickin' a tux)

Here she is, the last TopFive! of 2008. All the stops are pulled as we recap last week on Natuba with fireworks and Auld Lang Syne!

Natubatons Featured


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday TopFive!

Christmas is here!!! Listen to the Natuba Christmas Song. Happy Holidays and all that, now watch this video!!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Natuba!!!

One year ago . . .

Natuba was (launched) born!!! Check out these pictures of that night:

Celebrating the launch of the new Natuba

After launching the new site we stopped by Jake's for dinner before heading to Downing Street for cigars and spirits. Woot!

In the news...

And some of the memorable moments:

new babies,

GiLbert!!! 8pounds 9 oz

Born 2:12 pm

Jacob 8 weeks

Jillyan Lorrain Croy 7lbs & 20 inches

First dr. visit with daughter. Reality of being "grandma" setting in.

new iphone,

First In Line

Maybe I'll just come back in the morning :P

my new scooter (OK this one is just for me),

Thanks everyone for a great year!!!

Look for the Christmas TopFive this weekend!!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Global Warming Strikes -- It's Snowing in Houston.

***fact junkies, make sure to check out the end of this blog post***

Look out Al Gore, it's Snowing in Houston. Tuesday we are walking around in sandals and shorts. Wednesday morning, we pulled out the dusty coat. The temperature dropped 45 degrees in 12 hours with winds gusting to 35mph!

Crazy Weather

And then . . . it snowed. Now I know most Americans shrug at the sight of snow, it's a yearly occurrence. Here in Houston, at Natuba Central, when snow falls it is as if a miracle has occurred. When it snows for six hours, as it did on Tuesday, mouths drop and minds marvel.

Snow in Houston!

You see kids running in the streets, couples embracing, and the majority of Houstonians donning gear suitable for a race to the North Pole.

You have to take advantage of the situation while it lasts. Houston gets a flurry about once every 4 years, for about 10 minutes. Crafty as they are, Natubatons took full use of the rare element.

Snowball - Houston TX!

Search through the recent photos on Natuba and look for pics from Houston. You will see a lot of exclamation points.

!!By my research it has only snowed on 39 days in the last 113 years in Houston, the largest of which occurred in 1895 with a record 20 inches! Counting those 20 inches there has been less than 50 inches (my math says 44.5) to ever touch the ground in Houston!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Graffiti on Natuba

This video shows some of the pics of Graffiti on Natuba. We do not want you to deface public property. What we do want are pictures in a series.

Por example: you gotta killer recipe for cookies. Take pictures of the steps and put them on Natuba. We will go through the pics and make some live action. That way what you do well can be shared with the World!

Don't confine this to just food, use your imagination!

and now, the graffiti video.