Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Natuba!!!

One year ago . . .

Natuba was (launched) born!!! Check out these pictures of that night:

Celebrating the launch of the new Natuba

After launching the new site we stopped by Jake's for dinner before heading to Downing Street for cigars and spirits. Woot!

In the news...

And some of the memorable moments:

new babies,

GiLbert!!! 8pounds 9 oz

Born 2:12 pm

Jacob 8 weeks

Jillyan Lorrain Croy 7lbs & 20 inches

First dr. visit with daughter. Reality of being "grandma" setting in.

new iphone,

First In Line

Maybe I'll just come back in the morning :P

my new scooter (OK this one is just for me),

Thanks everyone for a great year!!!

Look for the Christmas TopFive this weekend!!!

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