Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Natuba is Activity!

Over the last week, The Natuba Team has crunched away at making the Activity feature even more freaking awesome.

Start with a click of the Activity Tab on every page within Natuba; tune in to what is going down all over the site. Everything from a new account to a new comment is listed in real-time.

Go to your profile page. The Profile Tab lists your six points of contact with the Natuba community. Among these points, click on Activity.

Your personal Activity Tab opens a portal.
This portal moves you through space time.
Click, "By Me," to see how your effect the world of Natuba.
Click, "On Me," to see how the world of Natuba affects you.
Click, "By Friends," for Natuba through their eyes.

Try this freaking-awesome-feature now my fellow Natubatons.
Check back to your friendly Natuba Blog for feature updates!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Feature: Profile Tool

Looked at your profile recently? The Natuba Team makes your search through Natuba easier with the newly designed Profile Tool.

Honestly, the best way to learn is to click. The Profile Tool consolidates all the functionality of your Natuba lifestyle.

Go to your profile, use the Profile Tool and then check back here as we discuss more Profile Tool pluses.

Next Post: "This Activity Screen is Awesome!"
Coming Wednesday, April the 30th.
Rated E, for everyone.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Digg: Deeper.

There are a lot more Natubatons. Because of the great photos and comments you all provide every day (every minute for some of you), your friends are jumping on the bus.

This makes us all very happy.

In order to make the smile fest continue, in order for more to share the moments you love to post on Natuba, we all have to Digg. When you Digg a photo the rest of the internet community is linked to your likes.

Next time a photo grabs your attention, Digg it with a click.
You will need to join Digg, do that here.

And now, the story of Neror's first Ramen.

Digg the photo.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Natuba is Rollin' on Dubs

How 'bout this automobile . . .

Try this, go to Natuba and enter "car" into the search box . . .

From lambos to super vatos, Natuba gots the autos . . .

join Natuba or we will run over you.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

New Feature: Activity!

Check the pulse of Natuba with a click on Activity.

The Activity page lists Natuba happenings in real-time.

Activity allows users to see which photos are grabbing attention, read the comments of fellow Natubatons and welcome new members.

The goings-on of Natuba have now come to life.

Check back often for updates to the original iPhone photo sharing site, Natuba.

Share your comments and questions with our contact form.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Can you Digg it? We can Digg it.

Natuba Team back again, check it, direct it, lets begin . . .

You see a photo you dig while surfing the friendly Natuba skies, you want to share your appreciation with the entirety of the internet community, but how?

Well, my dear Natubatons, we have the answer for you . . . Digg it when you click it.

When you find a photo you like a lot, scroll down below the photo and click the Digg tab.

If you have a Digg account, gravy. If you need to set up a Digg account, do so. When you Digg a photo, the internet community has a link into your minds eye.

Digg on Natuba: Amazing, Outstanding, Demanding, Commanding . . .

Alas! An Answer!

Thank you, Mr. Powers.

USB Powered Mug Warmer

After Tuesday's post, the Natuba Team scoured a melange of photos to answer our sleep depravity. We settled on the above pic from veteran Natubaton, Shawn Powers.

Congratulations citizens of Natuba. Now, we will laugh in Sandman's face. Now, we will plug in and sip up. Now, we will bring you, Natubatons, even more enhancements to the original iPhone photo sharing site.

This week saw a full integration into Twitter. In the next few days . . . the world!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

@Natuba Twitter Integration Complete

Twitter-ers relax; Natuba supports direct posting to Twitter. Natubatons, you can now share more crucial insignificancies. (140 characters)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Throw Us A Bone!

Greetings Natubatons,

We are jealous of this dog . . .

Carlie's canine, Petunia, reminds the Natuba Team how wonderful it is to sleep.

Shuteye is few and far between within the walls of Natuba Central. While Petunia dreams of the mailman, the Natuba Team continues to crank out enhancements to the site.

Natuba's population is growing (and growing and growing) with new citizens. The explosion of new users brings with it a heap of great ideas.

Got an itch to improve your Natuba experience? Send us your suggestions and we promise to scratch them without a paws (OK, that was bad).

not a member? jesus(!), and baby jesus (!), join natuba as fast as possible . . . now.