Friday, May 23, 2008

Natuba, You Look Wonderful.

Man, we are looking good on the iPhone.

While the native application is in the works, we are still rolling out improvements to the way Natuba looks on your iPhone.

Comment on photos, check out Activity and search for all you love to love on Natuba.

Even turning the screen over and over again is fun . . .

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Clothing Change

We just got back from the cleaners.

Check out the new look of Natuba. With the recent boost in new citizens, we thought it best to design a new homepage.

A homepage fit for the best, a page fit for Natuba.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We Need To Talk . . .

We should have called. It's just, things are going so well here at Natuba and well . . .

Enough. It's time to celebrate the past two weeks. The Natuba Community has grown exponentially over the last fortnight. Thanks to you, the loyal and creative Natuba Community, Natuba has made it big.

Two incidents stand out. First, about two weeks ago, an article profiling Natuba made it to the front page of Digg!!! This is huge.

Thank you so much to the 700 or so of you that shot Natuba to the top. The results are obvious. Just glance at the Activity feature on Natuba. The posts are coming in very quickly as more and more find out the joy of Natubing.

Just when the Digg rush began to settle, Reddit blew up with a Natuba post about the joys of electrocution:

Humorous warning sign

Currently this post has been enjoyed by over 126,ooo people!!! What did you say?!? I said 126,000 people!!! This is more than the population of Hartford, Connecticut (which is the freaking capital) or Lafayette, Louisiana!!! Natuba has enriched the lives of thousands and maybe, just maybe, everyone learned a little something about safety.

And then, there was today . . .

A True Story: Walmart Cake

This is a very funny post. Please click the photo to direct yourself to the story. Actually you may not have to go to the photo at all. Since this photo made it to Reddit, over 50,000 people have checked it out. You may hear about it while eating a doughnut-hole at work tomorrow.

Keep it up Natuba. You are looking good.


Tuesday, May 6, 2008


This addition to the Mighty Natuba Blog is of utmost importance.

I, your loyal Natuba Team Blog Representative, am under very tense posting conditions. In order to get this news to all Natubatons I have ducked into the office of the place I am eating lunch.

Finding the computer, moving quickly to this blog, I must announce two orders of great importance:

1) Go Here and Digg Natuba.
This is not a suggestion, but a direct order from The Natuba Team. Once the world knows how totally-freaking-awesome The Natuba Community is, our population will grow and Activity will flourish! Fun!

2) Find us on Twitter and follow our moves.

Hear footsteps, gotta go, until next time.

Check please.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Intern Wanted

The Natuba Team Needs Interns.

We are looking for someone who is young in the world of tech and eager to bang out some webpages. You will learn a ton from a bunch of techies, you will consume soda and chips, and you will leave with great additions to your portfolio.

Programming skills are not necessary!
(whew, dodged a bullet, now you can exhale.)

Skill set should include as many of the following as possible:

* Photoshop / Illustrator experience
* Basic understand of CSS
* Knowledge of html / xhtml
* Live in Houston

We are looking for a web designer, not a graphic artist. However, artistic skills are a plus. The ideal candidate is available for part-time work during the week; if you are out of school for the summer, groovy. Foosball and/or Wii skills are a major plus; you will be called upon to participate in both disciplines.

Send us URLs of your work, personal pages are fine. Portfolios are cool too.
Email us. You will be impressed. You will be happy.

--The Natuba Team looks forward to meeting with you.--