Friday, June 27, 2008

TopFive! Video – MasterPosts Theatre

Once again the week has come to an end.

Natuba Central celebrates with our newest TopFive! video.

Natubatons Featured:

capital_i Chomsky in cheeseland.
mactivist Tofu steak w/ mushroom and special sauce
mosaic Do you think they know?
timeo Les 2 ans
doug000 Celtics 17

Check back next Thursday for the newest installment.

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Early next week we check in on the progress of jonnyquest and kcroy . . . you must find out what’s happening!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

He's Taking it All Off . . .

. . . and then growing it back again.

First, BigDaddyP chronicled the beauty of a Cornea Replacement.

Now, Natubaton JonnyQuest is charting his own brand of facial changes. Starting today, Jonny is keeping Natuba up to date on the growth of his new beard.

As I write this, I question the social import of such an offering. Seriously, when I started off to write this blog I felt the whole growing a beard thing and the taking a picture to share it thing were both two very important things. This may stem from my own inability to grow facial hair, it may stem from my authorship of this blog. Regardless, I must now analyze why it is important to watch someone sprout hair from their face.

Sharing. Natuba is about sharing and how the world reacts to what you share. When you post to Natuba you are not doing so to simply store a picture in a library. When you post to Natuba you are offering up a piece of your life for the review of the Natuba Community.

How many people care about what you care about? What do others say in reaction? If you want to know the true value of something, you have to give it away. Make your next post to Natuba more than a safe picture of your dog lapping water from a dog bowl, chop off your facial hair.

JonnyQuest is doing just that . . . and you can bet I will be there when he grows it back.

Day one beard project

Friday, June 20, 2008

Video: Natuba Top Five!

You are browsing through the friendly Natuba skies; photos catch your eye, the peanuts are tasty. What you want is the quick flight, the birds-eye-view of the best of Natuba.

The wait is over. Now, every week look to your blog for a video covering the Top Five! pics on Natuba as decided by me, your friendly neighborhood blogger.

Check out this video. Check out the links to the photos. Check your bags if they will not fit in the overhead bin.

Thank you.

Natubatons prepare for take off.

Links to Pictures:
mystemornings beer
billerickson Lost lolcat
hawaiiseo Lego Pencil
bigdaddyp New eye day 6
bharned3 Fathers day fish

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day on Natuba

Well, it was a hit. Father's Day once again turned the adoring eyes of all America's spawn to look towards their Dad. Natuba hosted several photos of what Father's Day meant to Natubatons.

iPhone Buddy's Father Day Steak

Man, I would almost impregnate someone for a steak like that. Will the individual who posted this photo, doug000, send us a shout from the cardiac unit of whatever hospital he is staying in tonight? We just wanna make sure he is cool.

Boys @ Hooters on Fathers Day

brunnecc, you are awesome. Your sons have a great dad. Speaking of dad's, I would like to thank the father of the waitress also. Good job, she turned out fine.

Sons first catch

When you first catch a fish it is a pretty cool feeling. To catch that fish on Father's Day with dear-ole-dad is better than cool. That's what Natubaton bharned3 got to experience with his son's first catch this weekend. Click the photo and send him a way-to-go!

Natuba has all the photos for Dad's or any What-Have's you come across in your life. Remember, Natuba is for the photos you need to share.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

You Are Natuba . . .

You are Natuba.

Over the last few weeks, The Natuba Team has rolled out features and updates to personalize The Natuba Experience.

The future includes new features, a series of web tutorials and Top Pics videos.
The Natuba Team wants to make sure the world knows who we are here.
The Natuba Team also wants the world to know who you are.

Answer the questions below and submit them to our Comment Page

Here goes:

How did you start using Natuba?

What phone do you use to contact Natuba?

Have you invited any friends? Why or why not?

What is your most interesting story?

Let us know what the deal is . . . and you might make it on to a Natuba user interview. Also, there are prizes . . .