Monday, September 29, 2008

Natuba: The App is Coming! The App is Coming! (or the man has been keeping us down, but now he is lifting up our hopes, sorta)

Many of you are asking . . . Where is The Natuba iPhone App?

Our Answer Follows:

To the Avail and Excitement of the world, the Natuba App is on the horizon; the forecast is indeed soon. The development portion of the application, the actual creation of the app, is complete and has been for sometime. We are in a holding pattern waiting for the tower (iPhone Dev Center) to give the green light necessary for take-off.

Before we go into the bumps on the runway, just look at how menacing Steve Jobs looks:

Scary. Sophisticated. Selective.

Apple (who we love) does not make the process for submission easy. While they have every right to be particular about their properties and the quality of applications bearing their mark, there is much to be desired when you go through the Application Submission Process -- as The Natuba Team is inches from completing.

Michael Ash, a Mac Programmer says:

"even a perfectly normal experience with the iPhone developer program is intensely weird. Compared to the simplicity of developing and distributing a Mac app, Apple's iPhone program is extremely convoluted and strange." (Ash goes on to describe his twenty-two parts to Application Submission. We could not have said it better ourselves, and so we won't. Be sure to check out Ash's blog.)

Couple this intensely weird submission process with Apple's requirement for an (extremely) overly restrictive Non Disclosure Agreement and you have more headaches than trying to change your clock time in Vista (YES! Microsoft, I Am Sure!).

The NDA forbids application developers from discussing any information amongst themselves. Sure, you have to protect your code and all that, but limiting the conversations of two parties engaged in the same endeavor, to develop applications, is kinda nuts. You speak a technically descriptive word of your development fumbles with any other developer and you will be sued by Apple. Also, you will be sued in California and with California laws, no matter where your suit arises from.

Macworld further describes the insanity:

"Look, not communicating with developers is A Bad Thing. Not letting developers communicate with each other is A Very Bad Thing . . . Apple hasn't even provided a way for developers to talk to each other. No web forums, no mailing lists, nothing. In fact, with the NDA Apple's gone in the other direction entirely, prohibiting discussion of iPhone development, even among people who are all bound by the NDA. "

Everyone here at Natuba loves Apple's innovative offerings, we buy them and use them. We also love a community of independent developers who depend on a sharing of ideas in order to lift all boats. It is the independent, late-nights-in-my-garage developer that creates the innovative flint responsible for the flame of new technologies.

Soooooo we got through by developing a cool application all on our lonesome. And boy, oh boy, it makes Natuba terrific on the iPhone.

Plus, The Natuba iPhone App is totally free of charge.

You are going to love The Natuba App. You will soon be able to download it from the App Store. The word soon in the previous sentence is predicated on the idea that Apple will get around to approving The Natuba App within the next two weeks.

This time line is far from specific. The web is full of examples of a slow turn-around between submission and acceptance. Apple gives no indication as to your application progress and so we wait. However, since we are Natubatons, we find something cool while waiting and send it into the string of Activity on Natuba.

We Repeat: The Natuba App is Coming! We submitted a bug-free version to Apple a while back. The Natuba Team has tested it successfully and we are jumping all around in secret excitement. Judging by research into others response time, we are looking at a couple of weeks -- but hopefully even sooner.

When they do give the nod, you will be the first to know.

. . . and now, what people were doing on June 28th, 2007, the day before release of the first iPhone.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

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