Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Natuba Baby! Congratulations Kylistah!

Natubaton Kylistah is the happiest Natuba member on the Web! She is proud to announce the arrival of her granddaughter, Julisa Lynn.


Coming in at 7lb, 11oz and 21in, this beautiful baby girl is a gift to her entire family. Here is Kylistah with her new pride-and-joy:


Lets not forget about the World’s Happiest New Mom:


If you want to see more photos of the Brand New Natubaton and her family

check out Kylistah’s page on Natuba . . .

(You can even check out the meds they use to induce!)


1 comment:

kylistah said...

Thanks! She's definitely our little blessing. We're happy to have the ability and ease of sharing with family and friends by being able to easily post it to Natuba!

Now, our fun begins with the little one. :)