Thursday, March 19, 2009

BrightLight Feature – How to Autopost to your Blogs from your PC and Mobile Device


A premier feature on Natuba is the ability to instantly post to the Web and your blog while you are on the go or at home.


With one click your image is displayed on Natuba as well as entered into your blog as an entry.  The caption of the photo will be the text of your blog entry.


It’s easy to set up, here’s how:


bar copy


First, Sign Up or Log In.  Next, You need to find your settings page.  Choose Your Profile from the bar at the top of a page on Natuba.  A menu will scroll down when your pointer goes over the Your Profile tab, simply click Your Profile Tab.


profilebar copy You will be guided to your personal page.  On the right will be all of your most recent pics.  On the left will be your avatar, underneath choose settings from the list of options.

settingsbar copy


Now, choose Blogs from the settings bar in the center of the page.

blogsshow copy


You will now be at the place you need to be to set up autoposting.  Natuba has some great ClickGuides to help you from here; you will find the in our Help Section.


If you still have questions, shoot me an email.

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