Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Vacation to Vieques Rocked and Natuba made it a Cinch!

Natuba allowed me to capture and secure all the memories of my trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico . . . and all I needed was a camera phone.


I have been writing this blog, making videos, and marking the web with hoopla about for almost a year now. 


Six days ago I lived why Natuba is an awesome mobile resource . . . starting with an early morning plane trip (6AM to San Juan!).   



Next came a cab from San Juan to Fajardo and a ferry across beautiful blue water to my destination, the small, jaw-droppingly stunning island of Vieques.  



Throughout my travels, I posted to Natuba to let my friends and family in on the trip.  It was effortless.  


No need to let mom know I made it safe, the pictures did the talking. 


Everyone back home enjoyed and commented by going to my personal page on – Even my father found it easy to use and he still has trouble with the VCR!



The trip was incredible. 

Two of my best friends were married on a beautiful beach. 

After a day of watching me post to Natuba, nearly all of the 26 people in attendance were either posting to Natuba for the first time or sending my Natuba page to their family and friends back home.



What Natuba allowed us all to do was exactly why we came to Vieques, relax. 


Forget the camera and uploading to your PC and all that, Natuba became my album of Photos that Matter faster than a Polaroid can develop.



Twenty four hours have past since arriving back home.  I am telling you the truth, Natuba made this trip very easy to share.  My pictures were instantly available to friends. 


AND my page on Natuba is a collection of memories I can access anywhere . . . especially when I need a break from reality.


Join Natuba today!  If you are already a Natubaton, take advantage of the incredible usability on your next trip to paradise.


Debbie said...

Mom's across America agree --- Natuba is a Mom's best friend!

Anonymous said...

Its true! Natuba was such a easy and FUN way to capture the memories of our trip!