Thursday, September 10, 2009

That's company pride!

There are many ways to exhibit loyalty and pride in one's company. Some people talk about the love of their work; others let their work do the talking for them. Then there are those who simply get tatted up.

Natuba member kylistah has shared pictures of such folks, in celebration of Peer 1's 10-year anniversary:

Undoubtedly, the question on everyone's mind is, "who shot J.R.?" but I digress.

"Are those real?" is a close second.

Let's hope those tattoos came from a Cracker Jack box, because even if you don't break up with your company, they could change their name one day, or worse yet, genders. Embarrassing!

But, I hear they do amazing things with lasers these days.

Thanks for sharing, kylistah!

1 comment:

kylistah said...

Yep, they're real. The video of them being done can be seen here on the PEER 1 Blog:

There is a lot of dedication and pride (not to mention tattoos) within PEER 1.