Thursday, October 1, 2009

Father knows best.

When it comes to parenting, everyone seems to have their own philosophies on what to do and how to raise their children. Throw a teenage daughter starting to date into the mix, and most fathers will fit into one of three categories:

1)Ambivalent/Carefree (unhealthy and no fun)
2)Nice/Accepting (also no fun)
3)Downright scary (winner!)

Scary wins out because it's by far the most fun, and the options are endless. You can intimidate the poor guy, interrogate him, humiliate him... and then there's this:

Natuba member shawnp0wers shared this very unique bumper sticker. As noted in the title and caption, his teenage brother's girlfriend's father (still following?) put this on her car to ward off wannabe boyfriends.

The great thing here is it's a walking... ok, driving billboard meant to ward off all teenage boys at once. Thanks for sharing, shawnp0wers!

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