Friday, March 27, 2009

Austin Bike Zoo’s Bike Snake is rattled with Awesomeness!

Natuba user monicayoo posted a great pic of the Snake Bike, an artistic collaboration from the Austin Bike Zoo.


“The Austin Bike Zoo Human Powered Puppetry began 4 years ago as Cycle Circus Austin with the collaborative efforts of artists, bicycle builders, teachers and like minded folks. Our mission is to inspire the Austin community with bicycles and other alternative forms of transportation by creating unique human powered vehicles, bicycle-based theatrical performances and educational programs for youth.”  -- Austin Bike Zoo


The bike is 70’ in length, takes five riders to pedal and is an incredible sight when it moves through Austin at night.




Thanks Monica!  Check out Natuba for this pic and more from SXSW Interactive ‘09.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

BrightLight Feature – ACTIVITY!!! The Pulse of Natuba.


If you want a birds eye view of what is going down on Natuba, look to the Activity Tab at the top of the screen.


getactivity copy


When you click the Activity Tab, you are guided to a scrolling update of

posts, comments, replies, favorites and who is following who on Natuba.




Check it out, become a member of the Natuba Community!

Monday, March 23, 2009

A Look Back at SXSW Interactive ‘09

SXSW is more than just a music festival . . .


"In its 22 years, SXSW has grown from a tiny music festival in the Texas capital into a massive, unavoidable media beast that reflects, discusses and showcases trends in culture and media but also often creates them." National Post, 3/13/08


Natuba users and members of The Natuba Team were on hand last week to celebrate all things tech at the SXSW Interactive Festival



The carefree Austin atmosphere provides a great backdrop for techies of all breeds to share ideas and, well, party like a rock star.  Cutting edge technologies are the hot topic; even the transportation pushes the envelope. 



The festival is also a chance to mingle with the visionaries and entrepreneurs who push the interactive world forward.  From Chris Hughes to Guy Kawasaki, you can expect all the players to show up.



Of course there is the unique Austin culture that always keeps things lively.



Special thanks to Natubatons kylistah, richardyoo, carlie, and monicayoo for all the pics in this reflection of SXSW ‘09


Thursday, March 19, 2009

BrightLight Feature – How to Autopost to your Blogs from your PC and Mobile Device


A premier feature on Natuba is the ability to instantly post to the Web and your blog while you are on the go or at home.


With one click your image is displayed on Natuba as well as entered into your blog as an entry.  The caption of the photo will be the text of your blog entry.


It’s easy to set up, here’s how:


bar copy


First, Sign Up or Log In.  Next, You need to find your settings page.  Choose Your Profile from the bar at the top of a page on Natuba.  A menu will scroll down when your pointer goes over the Your Profile tab, simply click Your Profile Tab.


profilebar copy You will be guided to your personal page.  On the right will be all of your most recent pics.  On the left will be your avatar, underneath choose settings from the list of options.

settingsbar copy


Now, choose Blogs from the settings bar in the center of the page.

blogsshow copy


You will now be at the place you need to be to set up autoposting.  Natuba has some great ClickGuides to help you from here; you will find the in our Help Section.


If you still have questions, shoot me an email.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tony Hawk uses Natuba in front of 80,000 in Melbourne for Sound Relief!!!

A soggy Australian day did not stop 80,000 fans from packing the Melbourne Cricket Grounds for Sound ReliefTony Hawk introduced the band, WolfMother to the masses this afternoon.  To capture the moment, the electric thrill of a stadium of enthusiasm, Tony used 


intro band


In an instant, this photo went from Tony Hawk’s mobile to the Web and Twitter.  Natuba allows Tony to autopost his pics to all his fans, no matter how they get their information.


Sound Relief features an incredible line-up of musical talent.  All proceeds go to help in restoring Australia after the devastating brush fires the country recently endured.


“The devastation of the current Victorian bushfires has left few unaffected.  In response to our nation’s greatest ever natural disaster Australia’s music community have banded together for two stadium benefit concerts scheduled to run simultaneously in both Melbourne and Sydney on Saturday March 14, 2009 under the unified banner of SOUND RELIEF.” – Sound Relief Website


Artist’s from Jet to Midnight Oil provide a powerhouse of support for the cause.  This afternoon’s act, WolfMother, made a stadium explode with energy.


Check out Natuba for Tony Hawk’s personal pictures, on-stage and backstage


with band


Use Natuba to autopost to Twitter, Facebook, and your blogs.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Natuba, Check Your Mail. (BrightLight Feature of the Week)

Gotta message you want to share with another Natubaton but you don’t want the share with the world?  You must use the mail feature of  The mail feature is the BrightLight feature this week, don’t worry, it’s an easy one.




You will find your personal mail home by clicking the envelope icon above the similar photos on the right of your screen.  It’s a personal P.O. Box for all that you want to share on-on-one with a select Natuba user.


Try it today, send me one, my user name is Guy and I am a proud member of the Natuba Community!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Domo Kun invades Natuba (via iTod) -- Create a Cut-Out from this Blog Post!


I had no idea what was on the screen . . .


cutout#1 cutout#2


Now I know, thanks to iTod’s pics on Natuba.  It’s Domo Kun, the mascot of Japan's NHK television station.  This odd, memorable character is immortalized in Nickelodeon shorts and Target commercials.  I am kinda scared just looking at the guy.  So, how did he come to be? 




The name "Domo" was acquired during the second episode of his show in which a TV announcer said, "dōmo, konnichiwa" (どうも、こんにちは ?), which is a greeting meaning something along the lines of, "Well, hello there!"


I read somewhere that teen males in Japan refer to each other colloquially as Domo-Kun.  Whether this is true or not, I don’t know.  The other pervasive rumor, that Japan male teens have sharp teeth and no nose is not true, this I do know.



Nickelodeon was on the road to making 26, two-minute shorts of the character.  I cannot conclude whether the Nick shorts panned out.  I have looked on the web for this info and seem to be running into roadblocks.  If anybody out there finds them, post a comment on this blog with a link and we will give you credit.  We will also give you an electric pat on the back.  Not something that hurts you, not electric shock, electric like email.  Ok, enough.



As for Target, the YouTube link above is a great little stop-motion short for Domo, it promotes Target, but not over-the-top.  I don’t even much enjoy stop-motion, or cartoons – I did like the Target Piece though. 


Now print off the .jpg below and create your own Domo Kun.  Post your pic to Natuba so iTod’s buddy has a friend.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Vacation to Vieques Rocked and Natuba made it a Cinch!

Natuba allowed me to capture and secure all the memories of my trip to Vieques, Puerto Rico . . . and all I needed was a camera phone.


I have been writing this blog, making videos, and marking the web with hoopla about for almost a year now. 


Six days ago I lived why Natuba is an awesome mobile resource . . . starting with an early morning plane trip (6AM to San Juan!).   



Next came a cab from San Juan to Fajardo and a ferry across beautiful blue water to my destination, the small, jaw-droppingly stunning island of Vieques.  



Throughout my travels, I posted to Natuba to let my friends and family in on the trip.  It was effortless.  


No need to let mom know I made it safe, the pictures did the talking. 


Everyone back home enjoyed and commented by going to my personal page on – Even my father found it easy to use and he still has trouble with the VCR!



The trip was incredible. 

Two of my best friends were married on a beautiful beach. 

After a day of watching me post to Natuba, nearly all of the 26 people in attendance were either posting to Natuba for the first time or sending my Natuba page to their family and friends back home.



What Natuba allowed us all to do was exactly why we came to Vieques, relax. 


Forget the camera and uploading to your PC and all that, Natuba became my album of Photos that Matter faster than a Polaroid can develop.



Twenty four hours have past since arriving back home.  I am telling you the truth, Natuba made this trip very easy to share.  My pictures were instantly available to friends. 


AND my page on Natuba is a collection of memories I can access anywhere . . . especially when I need a break from reality.


Join Natuba today!  If you are already a Natubaton, take advantage of the incredible usability on your next trip to paradise.