Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's not all free...

Don't lie, you know you have... stolen from hotel rooms before, that is. What's a hotel to do? Natuba member xmdan sheds some light on the matter with the picture of the week.

It's great how they say these items are "for sale" due to their "popularity." Popularity of being lifted, I suppose. There's nothing like the thrill of casually walking out of a hotel lobby, carrying an ironing board.

Let's be fair - most... ok, all of those items should remain in your hotel room. It could be worse, like in Vegas: they want you to have that .0002 ounce vial of whiskey and equally small can of coke. It'll just set you back the equivalent of a hairdryer.

But hey, at least the soap and shampoo are still free! For now.

1 comment:

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