Friday, March 12, 2010

Natuba SxSW big bag inserts!

The SxSW festival is here, and you know what that means... Natuba big bag inserts!!! 10,000 to be, well, somewhat exact. I lost count after like 8.

Pictured above would be after night/morning #1 and getting through nearly 1,600 bags myself. Each bag contained a sticker, ad, and button.

Here we have 100 stickers and ads (beneath each sticker) all lined up, or 1% of what needed to be done.

And finally, in the end, the 10,000 bags all stuffed and ready to be shipped to Austin for SxSW! Time: 3+ days (with help); hours-wise: who knows? Total weight: 151 lbs. Yowza!

Not making it to the interactive festival? No worries, we have extra stickers! You want one, don't you? Great, then please send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

P.O. Box 980727
Houston, TX 77098

UPDATE: We have closed the P.O. box, but if you still wish to receive stickers, please e-mail me at Mark [at] Thanks!

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