Wednesday, March 17, 2010

St. drinker's day!

Halloween is known (to adults anyway) as an excuse for women to dress like, well... it can rhyme with mutts, or banks, or doors. You choose.

St. Patrick's day is known as an excuse for some people to start - and end - their day with green beer. Usually, the way it ends isn't as pretty as the way it starts.

This day is also known for random people pinching the hell out of you for not caring enough to wear green. Natuba member shawnp0wers may be on to something here, with his "incognito green."

Just imagine: some people think they've spotted a new target... they make eye contact, gather the troops, and start closing in. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he reveals his green shirt!

But be careful! The drunker they are, the harder they'll stumble backwards and probably almost trip over themselves when your true color is revealed. With great, green power comes great responsibility.

Here's to you, shawnp0wers... making cities pinch-free, one hidden green shirt at a time.

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