Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Forget internet dating...

This dude's got it down. Natuba member richardyoo snapped this photo of a genuine appeal to all the lucky single ladies who might have the pleasure of meeting this guy.

I don't know how this guy is still single. He's got all the qualities girls would kill for their man to have: never been to jail, can talk on the phone, shook Obama's hand not once, but twice! 15 guitar chords?! He's a regular Jimi Hendrix.

He's got a big TV and blue ray's, but apparently no spell check... unless "tacko's" is something I'm not familiar with. And ladies... he likes cartoons and big boobs. Like he says, how can you trust all of these e-men? A creeper on paper is much more trustworthy than one online.

My only question is, when he takes breaks from drawing cartoon boobies in his mother's basement, does she leave and give him privacy with all the girls that must be knocking down his door? I guess you'll have to call him and find out.

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