Friday, July 23, 2010

Paul Wall baby

*Warning* shameless self-promotion to follow... followed by legitimate promotion.

In my latest quest, I've decided to jump into the music business. I've played too many instruments for too many years not to start composing and eventually producing music. Scott Storch and Timbaland, here I come!

It got to the point where I actually caved and joined Twitter (@Frockdaddy)... but it's strictly being used for networking in music, I swear!

Ok, so I only have 18 followers, but hey, Houston's own Lil' Flip was my 3rd ever follower! More recently, another famous H-town rapper, Paul Wall, followed suit! And he'll follow you too in 3 easy steps:

1. Buy his new CD, "Heart Of A Champion." (How can you be from Houston and not love that title? Cue Rudy T. and the Houston Rockets!) By the way, worth every penny.

2. Take a picture of said CD (or snapshot of your itunes library) with your Twitter name included, like so:

3. Send Paul Wall a tweet with a link to your picture... on Natuba, of course.

There you have it. Happy twittering... tweeting... twatting. Whatever.

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